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You Will Most Likely Hate Your Job

85% of the people in the world hate their jobs--Gallup

What if I told you that nearly 9 out of 10 people in the world hate their jobs? According to the latest Gallup Poll, 85% of the people in the world hate their jobs, that means you randomly pick 10 people, 9 people will tell you they hate their jobs. So this means ONLY 15% of people in the work world like their jobs. So how in the world does something like this happen?

I personally think many end up doing the wrong kind of work. I've said several times that if you discover what you love to do, you will never "work" a day in your life. My definition of work is something that's difficult, boring, and something I don't enjoy doing.

So, how can you NOT end up in the 85% and in up in the 15%?

3 Important Clues To Discovering You:

1. Discover what's STRONG in you, instead of focusing on what's WRONG.

For years I knew that I was not much of a math guy. So, I worked on getting better at math. I hated the struggle to get better at math and it did not take me very long to realize that I'm not naturally analytical, logic driven and blessed with critical thinking abilities. Oh sure, I got a little bit better at math and yes, I'm a fan of trying to get better at things which are core subject matters. However, a HUGE turning point in my life was when I began to focus on my natural strengths, that's when I began to soar and really enjoy life and my job much more. In fact, my eyes were wide open to the many job possibilities which would naturally fit my strengths.

CliftonStrengths has determined that I'm naturally influential. My top 5 strengths are positivity, communicator, maximizer, strategic and an activator. I began to really focus on where I'm strong and not focus so much on what's "wrong" with me and the next thing I knew, out of nowhere I was asked to speak at the Louisiana Superdome to 33K people. Why was I asked to do this particular motivational talk at the Superdome? The vice chancellor of a university heard me one day giving a motivational talk and shortly thereafter, he invited me to speak at the Superdome. That was was back in 1996. As a result, the public motivational speaking opportunities still continue to this day. Guess what? I love it public speaking. The natural strengths I possess is another reason why I LOVE my job as a school teacher and as a motivational speaker!

2. Discover how to make a DIFFERENCE using what makes you DIFFERENT.

According to CliftonStrengths, living your best life begins when you tap into your unique talents. When you do this, you are well on your way to staying way the heck out of the 85% who hate their work and becoming one of the blessed in the 15%!

Think of a sports team. A coach knows what player on the team to naturally tap into their unique athletic talent and ability. For example, toward the end of a very close basketball game, a coach knows who the team's best free throw shooter is. As a result, the coach will make sure that particular player is the one with the ball at the very end of the game. Why? If that player gets fouled, there is a very good chance the player will make the important free throw.

Just a thought, it might be time for you to go on a journey of self-discovery. The purpose? To discover what makes you exceptional and maximize your potential. Maybe it's time to go for a walk, hit up a coffee shop or go wherever you can get still, quiet and be contemplative and discover the uniqueness of you.

Ask yourself, "Self, what kind of things do I love to do? What tends to come naturally easy for me? If I could do a Monday-Friday job, what would I LOVE to do?"

3. Discover how to MAXIMIZE your unique potential and not be MINIMIZED.

You can choose to be empowered to succeed by doing what you naturally do best. Every. Single. Day.

Stop trying to be more of who you're not, and start focusing on what naturally makes you powerful and unique. Maximize your potential with your unique talents.

I want to help you to discover your right role to fit your talents so you don't EVER end up in the 85%.

There’s no real secret to living your best life. All you need is a willingness to discover your unique talents and then use them everyday as they are natural to you as taking a breath.

Your turn...

Tell me, who are you? What comes natural to you? What do you love to do?

Keep moving forward in your discovery of you. I will continue to nudge you forward with information on how to discover what natural strengths you possess.

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