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You Are GOOD Enough!

Every day, the beauty of YOUR life is right in front of you!

I'll admit something to you. At times I wonder, "Am I good enough?" Meaning, as a husband, teacher, friend, dad, granddad, etc.?

I've got to tell you a story I read a few years ago:

Once upon a time there was an elderly woman who needed to walk down to the river every morning to fetch water for drinking, cooking and cleaning. She carried two buckets with her, filled them up at the riverbank, and walked back with them to her rural cottage home.

One of the buckets was newer, perfectly sealed, and held its water flawlessly. But the second bucket was older and contained a few thin cracks that would leak water onto the ground as the elderly woman walked. By the time she arrived home, typically about one third of the water in the second bucket had leaked through its cracks.

One day, on the walk down to the river, the cracked bucket – who had always felt like it wasn’t as good as the other bucket – said to the elderly woman, “I want you to know that I’ve been leaking water every morning for the past several years. I’m so sorry for being cracked and making your life more difficult. I understand if you need to replace me with a better bucket.”

The elderly woman smiled. “Do you really think I haven’t known about your cracks this whole time?” she asked. “Look at all the beautiful flowers that grow on the path from my cottage to the river. I planted their seeds, but every morning it’s you who does the watering.”

I've learned that feeling good enough in life, in work, in relationships has everything to do with how I personally judge the "cracks" in my own bucket. Because we ALL have a few cracks in our buckets!

But listen, are our bucket cracks, so bad that they wreck us, taint us, and ruin our experiences and our potential?

Or, do our cracks water a trail of flowers we haven’t even stopped to appreciate?😂 I'll be 100% honest with you. I've been stopping myself a lot these COVID-19 days to appreciate the "flowers." And, guess what? I've noticed the "flowers" are everywhere!

Let's do something and me, let's choose to see the flowers through the cracks in our own buckets – let's choose to see how it’s exactly those cracks that make us good enough...

I've learned if I choose to THINK BETTER, my whole universe will shift to the better!

Let's begin to shift our thinking.

"The beauty of YOUR potential is right before you."-Michael Brown

Next week, I'll share with you how I've learned how to shift my thinking and experience many more of my healthy hopes and dreams!

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