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What Determines Success?

Success looks different to many. My definition of success could quite likely be different from your definition. However, we both long to have a successful life.

Dear friends, co-owners Kevin and Cathy and general manager Casey of Maxline Brewing live in the world of choices!

I'm asked often, "Michael, what are some practical steps you have taken to pursue success?" I've got to tell you, that's a great question. I was asked this just last week by a co-worker.

One of the things I've noticed, is success is about CHOICE and NOT chance. Choice, not chance, determines success.

Success is all about the choices you make. I've noticed that many people wait and hope for chance opportunities. They waste time making excuses for what they have or have not done in life. You and I have the opportunity to live life as we'd like to because we get the amazing blessing of choice. We have to take ownership of the decisions we make, good, and bad. Do whatever it takes to stop making excuses like that "Sholda-Coulda-Woulda" syndrome.

My dear friends, co-owners Kevin and Cathy Gearhardt and general manager Casey of Maxline Brewing knew that nearly 4 years ago, starting a new small business venture was a risky and challenging choice. As COVID-19 hit, they were in a very precarious situation as they were forced to shut down the in-house operation of their business for two and a half months. Last Friday they reopened and greeted a grateful community to their wonderful craft. Maxline Brewing is one of the most successful start-up breweries in Fort Collins. It was their strategic choices which has led to their successful impact upon this community which has allowed them to ambitiously seek to continue their mission of craft, community & culture. Kevin, Cathy and Casey have made the choices to acquire success!

I try really hard to shift my concentration from taking chances to making good choices. Choices, have no limit. Take ownership of your life with the understanding that you are the captain of your ship, your life. Take charge of your life.

The ability to make excellent choices is the cornerstone of many successful people. You see, I've learned that instead of dwelling on a bad choice I've made in the past, I focus on my future knowing that though I may have failed, or messed up, I'm not a failure. I can totally learn from some bad choices I've made in my past but every time I look at my past, I am taking my eyes off where I'm future.

Great CHOICE Maxine!!

It's the choices you make, not waiting and hoping for chance which will take you to a place which determines success in your life life.

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