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Welcome "The Challenge"

The hardest days make us who we are.

Here is a thought: Be willing to accept or welcome "the challenge" in order to capture your hopes and dreams in your life. What's "the challenge"? Well, that would be life not going as planned. I've noticed that life does not go as planned a lot. I'll be very honest with you. I don't like it one bit when life does not go as planned. However, I've learned to deal with it and move forward as best as I can. As a result, when life does not go as planned, so many quit and fall short of pursuing their hopes and dreams.

I've noticed a problem. People spend so much of their life waiting for opportunity. They spend time waiting for great things to happen. Don't do this. Instead, take charge of YOUR LIFE. Instead of waiting for opportunity, take hold of your future and face each day with a spirit of optimism and excitement. The saying, time waits for no one, is true. As a child I first heard the saying, the early bird catches the worm. That's great for birds and all but what about you and me? This saying or virtue still holds true…no matter your background, race, gender, religion or vocation, begin to accept "the challenge" as soon as the sun begins to rise. Maybe this is why I have always loved to wake-up early in the morning.

So guess what's going to happen very early tomorrow morning? The sun will rise. You can count on it. This means you and I have 24 amazing hours to welcome "the challenge". Trust me when I say that is is no time for second guessing yourself. In your life, you will encounter a lot of people who will second-guess you. I was laughed at when I became a piano instructor. I was scoffed at when I became a middle school teacher. Most of the people who will second-guess you don't mean it in a bad way. They just don't get your hopes and dreams, your interests and your passions. Just leave those minor details and keep on moving forward. Trust me when I say you are on the verge of achieving greatness. Embrace it and make this your reality.

Welcoming "the challenge" will require you to take action. That's what it means to take charge of your life...ACTION. Whether it’s a baby step, a hop, a jump or a huge leap, begin each new day with the passion to excel and a passion for greatness. Without question, “welcome” is a verb...action word. Welcome the challenge, owning the thought process that it’s a new day. This new day is filled with opportunity disguised as barriers and obstacles. Know with all your being, you are going to make it happen. Begin today—welcome "the challenge".

3 Steps to Welcome "The Challenge":

1. Today, you have some incredible choices to make.

One of the coolest things on the planet is the power of choice! Our lives are really the sum of our choices. Now that does not mean you have to make 100% perfect choices. Heck, that would mean you are not human. However, use the this great gift called the power of choice to make incredible choices for your life. Good luck and begin NOW.

2. Today, you will have the opportunity to take several positive steps forward.

Don't feel like you need to climb to the top of Mt. Everest (tallest mountain in the world) today, just be determined to take some steps forward and be determined to take positive steps. What's most important is that every moment of your life builds upon the next. 

STOP right now and write down one or two positive steps you will take today in capturing your hopes and dreams. This is something I do early in the morning every day.

3. Today, you can harvest optimism.

Over the years I've noticed that the people who capture their hopes and dreams seem to have the ability to harvest or create their own optimism. These kind of people have to deal with the challenge of life not going as planned just like you and me. However, no matter what the situation, they seem to find a way to put an optimistic spin on it. I've leaned this habit of harvesting optimism and it has really helped me numerous times when life just did not go as planned. Which again is quite often.

Your turn...

Think about how normal it is for things to not go as planned..."the challenge". How could 1 through 3 help you to develop daily habits to be ready for "the challenge"?

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