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Time To Walk On Water!

“When you are walking on water it is fear, not sharks, that sinks you.” ― Matshona Dhliwayo

I remember being 10 years old in Newport Beach, CA. I was playing in the shallow waters of the Pacific Ocean, I got an idea. “I’m going to walk on water! Yes, I’m going to do it.” I quickly realized that walking on water was not a real option but, maybe I could run on water. So, I stared very intently at the surface of the water and then I began to run. Faster and faster! I ran as fast as I could and as I got closer and closer to the water, I ran even faster. Next thing I knew I was running in the water and trying to go faster. That’s when a wave smashed into me and took me down. Oh man! Water can really sting and hurt. As I came to my knees and stood up, my mom asked if I was ok. I looked at her to say yes, and then BOOM, another wave demolished me. My mother began laughing and walked over to me.

“What’s so funny?” I asked trying to slowly stand up on my feet.

She said, “You remind me of me, and it makes me smile.”

I said sarcastically, “Ahhh do you know how to walk on water?”

Her response, “Not really but I sure have tried to a lot.”

On our drive home from the beach, mom told me what she meant regarding trying to walk on water.

“So, you want to walk on water, eh? Son, it’s impossible. But when it comes to trying your very best in life, that’s not impossible. I’ll be honest with you. I was so proud that you were trying to walk or run on water. That means you were trying to do what’s impossible and that’s pretty cool son!”

Ok, so walking or running on water was not a realistic option. However, this little incident taught me a few great life lessons.

So, what in the world do I mean by walking on water?

I’m just now starting my 37th year working with students. I get to do my dream job Monday through Friday. I totally say TGIF! However, I love what I have been doing for over 3 decades, that I also say TGIM…Thank God It’s Monday! My job is for me...walking on water!

Listen, if you can end up doing what it is that you truly love, you will never work a day in your life. You see, work to me is doing something that I don’t really enjoy and it’s hard for me to do. Example, I am not a naturally analytical person. If one is analytical, they use analysis or logical data to provide facts and information. This is so not my thing and many years ago at a job, I was asked to provide analytical information. I hated that job.

Guess what? When I hated that job, I was not alone. Gallup has done a study regarding work. They have discovered that 85% of people in the work world can’t stand their job. OMG! That’s a huge number of people doing work that they hate. I can tell you that they are for sure not saying “Thank God It’s Monday!”

Here are 3 ways to begin to walk on water:

1. Make sure you were born to walk on water.

Be who you were born to be. Honestly, I was not born to be an accountant and work in finance. I was born to influence through positivity, communication and creativity. When I get to do this, I’m truly walking on water!

Some of us were born to be musicians… to communicate thoughts and rousing feelings with the strings of a guitar or piano. Some of us were born to be poets… to touch people’s hearts with exquisite prose. Some of us were born to be entrepreneurs…to create growth and opportunity where others saw rubbish. And still, some of us were born to walk on water… to invent the capability of doing so. If you’re going to walk on water, you better feel it in every fiber of your being. You better be born to do it!

2. Decide that nothing can stop you.

Stubbornness is not such a bad thing. I tell my students that being stubborn is not such a bad thing if it is used in the RIGHT areas of their lives. The key is to be stubborn to NOT quit as you head in the direction to capture your hopes and dreams.

Being born to walk on water isn’t enough by itself. We must each decide to accept our calling, our natural in-born STRENGTHS. Unfortunately, many make excuses instead. “I might fail and it’s going to be hard…,” some say. However, walking on water, or doing something that is really hard or challenging, requires absolute, unconditional dedication. The only person who can control your level of dedication is you. If you’re serious about walking on water, (capturing your hopes and dreams) you must decide that nothing…not gravity, not a group of negative naysayers, NOTHING… can stop you!

3. Focus on your strengths.

Live your very best life by using your strengths. Maximize your full potential in your life by living in and through your strengths. You are unique. You are not only powerful, but you are impactful. You have the opportunity to bring your unique you to the planet.

I always teach my students that they will succeed when they discover what's strong in themselves, instead of focusing on what's wrong.

Stop trying to be more of who you're not and start focusing on what naturally makes you powerful and unique. Maximize your potential with your natural strengths.

Lastly, if you are wondering, “Well, what are my strengths?” Hey, I’ve got you. I will be moving you to a world of self-discovery of you and your unique strengths. The new world of you and your strengths is coming to you. Keep your eyes open for more post regarding your unique STRENGTHS!

Your turn…

Tell me what’s strong and comes natural to you?

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