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They Have to Stop...Excuses!

I'm sure you've heard of that really amazing inventor. He helped draft the Declaration of Independence, I'm talking about Benjamin Franklin. I love one of the quotes that he says, “If you are really good at making excuses, you will rarely be good at anything at all.” Geesh! Thanks Ben…LOL!😒

One thing I’ve learned from making excuses in my life, is excuses can take me down. Trust me, I hate when things go wrong, and I really don’t like that so many things in life are just completely out of my control. Oh, wait! If so many things are out of my control, then that means a lot of things are in my control!

Let me give you an example from my life. I was driving to an important appointment, I was stopped by a train. Result, I was late to my appointment. The train, oh my gosh a very long one! Truth be told, the train (out of my control) was my excuse for being late.

In the big picture of life, that long train was truly a legit excuse. However, when I think of that Ben Franklin guy and what he was really talking about, people who have the chronic habit of making excuses over and over as opposed to finding solutions are the ones who live in the world of making excuses over and over and quite possibly they struggle in life.

I've got a couple of challenging examples here: Let's say you're really committed to getting healthier and all of a sudden, you give in to that piece of cake. Oops! Or you frequently procrastinate on tasks that you know are important?

Unfortunately, as humans we are fantastic at picking from a wide range of excuses. You know what the bad habit of excuses can do to us? They can limit our amazing potential.

I’ve been there before. I've chosen to eat something unhealthy, I’ve procrastinated on studying for an exam. Listen, it's easy to come up with excuses about why we can't follow through on things. However, truth be told, we all make excuses from time to time. This is a simple habit but it's a bad habit. The problem is, we will use this habit to rationalize the why, why we didn't follow through on a specific commitment.

That being said, if you’ve developed the bad habit of making excuses, all the time, then it could possibly be time to change this behavior.

Instead of excuses, let’s find solutions. Solutions are a MUCH better habit 😎

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