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The Day I Was Nearly Eaten By A Great Dane

I'm going to get the little redheaded boy! -The Great Dane

When I was 10 years old, I would walk to my best friend’s house but not on the sidewalk, grass or the street, I’d jump onto our 6’ tall concrete brick wall and balance myself and walk to Davy’s house. He lived about 15 houses away from my house.

Almost every day on my journey I’d encounter adults who would give me a friendly wave and tell me to be careful and not to fall. My most interesting daily encounter was The Great Dane. The Great Dane did not like me at all. He’d jump up on the wall and basically try to eat my feet! I’d run and he’d jump.

Take this Great Dane! -The Little Redheaded Boy

So, I decided I come up with a solution for The Great Dane, I’d shoot him…with my high-powered super soaker blaster water gun. It worked very well I might say. Until the day the Great Dane came up with his solution, he’d eat me…the Great Dane had enough of me and decided to actually jump up on the top of the concrete brick wall and he began to chase me! I thought to myself, "Holy Roman Empire Batman, I can't believe this is happening! Great Dane was gaining on me! I was losing my balance! He was now 10 feet away from me and gaining! I had no choice…bail out! I jumped into a backyard and was immediately attacked by a random dog in the backyard! I began to yell and scream and suddenly right before my eyes my nightmare was right in front of me…the Great Dane! As I was preparing to be eaten by the Great Dane, the original dog which was in the backyard I jumped in to began to fight the Great Dane. This was my chance to live! I ran and jumped over a gate and was now in someone’s front yard! All I could hear behind me was two dogs fighting and the people who lived in the house yelling, “Stop fighting you two dogs! Hey how'd this Great Dane get into our backyard!?!”

Well, needless to say, I was in a state of panic, shock, and hysteria! So, I decided to just go home and watch Mr. Rodger’s Neighborhood. "It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood, A beautiful day for a neighbor,

Would you be mine? Could you be mine?"

Why did I tell you this story? Well, I hope it made you laugh. COVID-19 has been taking away a lot of laughter these days so I decided to take it back…the laughter that is!

Your turn…Laugh a bit today. Smile and do something to make someone happy!!

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