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Small Steps Will Win The Day And Your Life!

I'm just going to cut to the chase: Life is a journey comprised of small steps. The key is to take these steps, every single day, even during harder times that require us to be extra resourceful.

Years ago, I would waste my time waiting for a "path" to appear. That new job path, or that great opportunity path. But it never did appear. Why? Because it's easy to forget that paths are made by walking, not waiting. And it's easy to forget that there’s absolutely nothing about our present circumstances that prevents us from making progress again, one tiny step at a time.

I've learned that if we don’t go after what we want, one step at a time, we will never get what we want. If we don’t ask the right questions, we will always often get the wrong answers. If we don’t take a step forward, we are always going to be standing in the same exact place...stuck and not going anywhere.

It's so easy to get stuck in a cycle of worry, fear, and other forms of over-thinking? How often are we aimlessly distracted? And how often do we hide from what needs to get done to go up the hill and capture our hopes and dreams and just procrastinate?

The number one struggle I have noticed which is a detrimental habit that sneaks up on so many and kicks their butt is a lack of self-discipline. UGH!!! This one particular habit is super common at wasting away so many amazing opportunities for a lot of people. It happens one precious second at a time. Seconds can add up fast too!

So how do we break this habit? Tiny steps, taken one at a time, with presence and focus, can make all the difference in the world.

Years ago, I wanted to get into a particular kind of job. This job required a master's degree. At age 32 I enrolled to get that master's. It took all I had in many areas to complete this degree. I was working full-time, teaching piano part-time, raising a child. Whew! But tiny step by step, one at a time with grit and determination, I accomplished my goal!

Today, think, dream and hope. What are the tiny steps you must take day in and day out to capture your hopes and dreams? Make a plan, not a wish and begin your amazing journey!

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