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Potential...One Of The Most WONDERFUL Words in Any Language!

Life is now in session. Are you present?

Potential is amazing! It looks forward with optimism. It is filled with hope. It promises success. It implies fulfillment. It even hints at greatness. Potential is a word based on possibilities. Think about your potential. Do you have potential? Absolutely!

What about the phrase unfulfilled potential? Ugh...that phrase is as negative as the word potential is positive. There is just something not so attractive to NOT reaching our potential.

If you have the desire to reach your potential, there is a question out there...How do you do it? How do you reach your potential?

I have no doubt that the answer is growth. To reach your potential you MUST grow. And to grow, you must be highly intentional about it.

Well, let's look at a law that is written into the planet we live on...The Law of Intentionality. The Law of Intentionality is you choosing to do and take the necessary steps to do whatever it takes to reach your potential.

Think about this, growth in our lives does not just happen. I remember being in junior high school thinking that, "I guess I'll just reach my goals and potential in life when I become an adult..." Nice thought but wrong. When we are children, our bodies grow automatically and it's easy to think we will carry mental and emotional growth into adulthood. However, as time goes by, we don't necessarily grow and reach our potential unless we decide to be intentionally driven to reach our potential.

Applying the Law of Intentionality to Your Life

1. What are some things you are choosing to do now that hinders you to grow to reach your potential?

2. What are some things you need to change starting today which can help you to begin the process of maximizing your potential?

3. Who are people in your life who can assist you, be a good teammate to come alongside you in your personal growth to help you reach and maximize your potential?

4. Start NOW! No matter what time of day you are reading these words, make a commitment to start growing today.

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