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Oxygen To Our Hopes & Dreams

Goals are what take us forward in life; "they are the oxygen to our dreams." They are the first steps to every journey we take. It’s very important that you realize the significance and importance of goal-setting.

As a teacher, I've had the wonderful opportunity to have my summers off. I love to take the summer and use it to grow! From my childhood to my present, I've learned the value of setting and achieving goals, especially during the summer. Every year around early May I encourage my students that it's time to start making some summer goals. Even if you are not a teacher or a student who has the summer off, this seasonal transition is a great time for some new goals!

I've noticed in my life, setting goals helps to trigger new behaviors, helps guide my focus and helps me to sustain momentum in life.

I like my goals to revolve around 3 categories:

1. Fun Goals: One of my mottoes in life is, "It's fun to have fun!" Heck yeah it's fun to have fun! So begin to think about what fun things you could do this summer that is a little bit out of the ordinary from the regular school year.

COVID-19 is going to try to discourage some of our fun this summer. Refuse to let it happen. All of us, myself included will have to think a bit more creative while staying safe to accomplish some fun goals.

2. Physical Goals: I greatly value good health. Exercise and eating well is fundamental to good health and well-being.

Exercise & healthy eating has so many benefits. When we exercise and eat well, we sleep better, have more energy and better concentration – and this all adds up to healthier, happier lives!

My exercise goal for this summer is to go for a peaceful 2-mile walk every morning , do stretching and workout my core area 3 times per week. My "core area" is basically my belly. 😅

3. Learning: I love to take some time in the summer and try to learn some new things. Last summer I took an intro to Spanish course and chose to read 3 books. Years ago, it was during the summertime that I taught myself how to play the piano.

Remember, goals are what take you and me forward in life. Let's journey together in this new season and set some goals!

Your turn...I'd love to hear what goals you would like to venture out upon. Remember, our goals can help us to capture our hopes and dreams!

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