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Make Your Goals Happen Faster!

Set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hope.--Andrew Carnegie

Magical things start happening when we commit ourselves to doing whatever it takes to get somewhere. Commit to your goals. Why? Goals help to get us places we hope for in life. The problem is so many quit so quickly on their goals. Remember, reaching our goals can be significant to capturing one's hopes and dreams.

However, I feel too often we obsess ourselves with a goal or goals and the goal in itself becomes more of a burden (pain in the butt) and we just slowly let go of our goal. Goals are good. However, I've got something I really want you to think about: Goals don’t make positive changes happen, small simple daily rituals do.

Dwell on each these words:

-Daily--Occurring every day.

-Ritual--Actions consisting of a consistent series of actions.

If you completely ignored one of your goals for the next few weeks and instead focused solely on the daily rituals that reinforce this goal, would you still get positive results? Heck yeah you will!

For example, if you were trying to lose weight and you ignored your goal to lose 25 pounds, and instead focused only on eating healthy and exercising each day, would you still get results? YES, you would!  Gradually, you would get closer and closer to your goal without even thinking about it. The bottom line is that nothing will change in your life unless you make daily rituals that reinforce what you hope to achieve.

I really try to live a very healthy life. At nearly age 60, I'm often am asked if I go to a health club. To be honest, I tend to get a bit embarrassed when I'm asked that question. Why? I'm so not ripped...LOL! However, I'm not overweight and I'm in pretty good shape. Right now, I'm healthy!

Okay, my goal is to live a "healthy life". So, my daily rituals are to try to eat healthy every day and in the morning, I do 20 sit-ups and right before bed, I do 20 sit-ups. I've been doing these simple rituals for nearly 20 years. As a result, I've been hitting my "healthy life" goal for nearly two decades.

My above example can really be applied to just about any goal.

*You want to get better grades in school.

*You want to have a cleaner bedroom.

*You want to be more organized.

Goals come down to simple not complicated daily rituals.

Your turn...

Let me hear from you. What are some of your goals? Now, what are some simple daily rituals you could do that could make your goal become a reality?

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