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Launch The Process

You my friend are responsible for delaying my rendezvous with star command! --Buzz Lightyear

Hey, the last thing you want to do is delay a rendezvous with star command. LOL!

To my students: I miss you! I'm in Boulder at a conference. See you soon!

Have you ever wondered why it seems some people get all the breaks and you are still struggling just maintain, I would offer that they don’t get all the breaks, but rather somewhere along the way they launched the process. You see, they have hopes and dreams and are not waiting around but doing what it takes to get started...launching the process. If you want to do better in school, on the job or in your community, you should continually seek those opportunities and GET MOVING! This is what it means to launch the process.

The word launch (initiate) requires you to take the first step. Instead of waiting for something to fall from the sky or waiting for all the planets to align, you need to get your butt in motion. Why put off tomorrow that which you can do today? Launch the process! You have the ability, the knowledge, the wisdom and the determination to do great things. Do yourself a favor, stop waiting for others to bestow good things upon you. Success doesn’t come to you, you’ve got to go get it. Step out in faith and courage by making it happen today!

Now, if you are ready to get going and launch the process but don't know where to start, this means you are normal. So, reach out and be brave enough to ask someone for help.

Listen, yesterday is a memory and tomorrow is just a dream. You must launch today to make tomorrow’s dream a reality. In order to be someone you’ve never been, you must start doing things you’ve never done. Launch the process, today’s the first day of the rest of your life! 

3 Ways to Launch:

1. Dream.

Dream but don't stop there. Everything starts with a dream.  But if that’s all you do, you’re in serious trouble.

Also, having a positive attitude is a extremely important, because a negative attitude makes us more likely to quit — or to never even begin in the first place.

2. Visualize your obstacles ahead of time.

You need to consciously think about the obstacles that could potentially prevent you from achieving your desired outcome.

3. Find the trailhead.

I live in Colorado. I love to hike. A trailhead is the place where the trail begins. Once you have the dream and can visualize some of your obstacles, then find the trailhead. In other words, where do you begin?

I always tell my students what they are choosing to do today REALLY matters in their tomorrow...their future.

I had a 6th grade student who told me that they want to become a veterinarian. I told them that's awesome but to know that in order to become a veterinarian, one needs to be an expert in math and science. The student looked sad and said, "Mr. Brown, I not good at math at all." I smiled and said, "Well that's not going to stop you from being a veterinarian is it? Here check out this cool math learning site called Khan Academy. It's got really awesome helpful math videos. Check it out." You are not going to believe this, the next day, this student showed me what they worked on the previous night on Khan Academy! This student has their dream, they see their obstacle and now, they are on the trailhead!

Your turn...

I'd love to hear from you. What are your hopes and dreams for your life? What are some of your obstacles and where is your "trailhead" where you will begin to launch the process?

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