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Kindness Is Simply Awesome!

I’ve recently read three super short but incredibly powerful accounts of KINDNESS. These stories moved my heart. I hope they inspire you to shift your focus and give back in your own unique way today.


1. It’s been six months since I totaled my car. I’ve been in and out of the hospital a lot ever since with severe back pain. Although the pain has begun to subside, my recovery forced me to use all my sick time and vacation time for the year. But this morning my boss, who is usually ‘all business’ and pretty hard on everyone, called me into her office and told me she talked with HR and donated five days of her own unused vacation time to me so I would still get paid when I go out of town to visit my family for Christmas.

2. Times haven’t been easy lately, but people have been kind. We live in a lower-middle-class neighborhood. My wife was just diagnosed with cancer last week, so my 14-year-old son decided that he wanted to raise money to help pay for some of her medical expenses. His idea was to go door to door around the neighborhood with hair clippers and let people shave a part of his head for a small donation of their choosing. He asked me whether a $100 goal would be too much. I told him not to get his hopes up. He came back home ten minutes ago with a bald head and $1,225. Three people gave him $100 bills.

3. This afternoon my two children, 4 and 6, wanted ice cream from the ice cream parlor that’s next to the grocery store where we had just finished shopping. But ever since my husband and I were forced to give up our house, (we could not pay for it any longer) we’ve been budgeting our money down to the penny, and only using cash for our necessary purchases. I explained to my kids that I had only brought enough money for the groceries. They were upset, but OK with it. I'll be honest, I was sad that I could not buy them each an ice cream. Then, as we were packing our groceries in our car, the owner of the ice cream parlor walked up with two double scoop ice cream cones. He said, I was out front a minute ago and overheard your conversation. Today the ice cream is FREE, it's on me."

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