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Here's Some Good News

“Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.” Maya Angelou

“Tough times don’t last—tough people do.” Today, I'm doing whatever it takes to repeat that to myself as often as I need in the days and weeks ahead, as the world gradually comes to grips with the hard reality of COVID-19. If you can, give it a try as well.

From the early days of my childhood, my mother was there for me whenever we would deal with some kind of unexpected challenge or fear. Mom would remind me that even though what we were going through was difficult and even scary, it would pass and the difficult situation would actually help me grow, as long as I was willing to learn from it. Through the years, I have learned how right she was, and how her words of wisdom and guidance is for all of us right now.

The greatest battlefield is in our mind. The mind is where some of our greatest challenges resides. However, don't forget that you and I hold the POWER of how we choose to respond to situations which are out of our control.

I get it, with the COVID-19 virus spreading rapidly around the world right now, all of us are facing a tough reality, the unknown. Human lives are the number one concern, it’s also wise to consider the impact this may have on your mental health.

2 Ways To Think Strong & Stay Mentally Healthy

1. W.I.N.--What's Important Now?

Prioritize you first! Take 60 seconds and breathe. Don't look at the phone, social media, but just breathe in deeply and then let it out. As difficult as it may be to eat and sleep, it's important to take care of your body when you're in the midst of a crisis. Go for a few short walks when you can, make healthy eating choices a priority and rest your body and your mind. Breathe and stay positive.

2. Ask Yourself What Advice You'd Give to a Friend Right Now?

A crisis in my life requires me to make tough decisions. When you're feeling overwhelmed and really emotional, tough choices may seem impossible to make--especially when you have to make them fast.

During hard times in my life, I've actually heard myself talking to myself as if I was giving a very close friend advice on how to navigate the current situation I'm dealing with. Funny! However, this process has acted like a pretty cool pep-talk for me.

At a time like this, let’s all come together for each other, our families, and our community. Years from now we will say, “We experienced the beginning of COVID-19 and we overcame with love, hope and perseverance!”

Your turn...

I'd love to hear from you on what positive things are you doing now to move forward during this challenge?

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