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Finish Strong!

Many will start the race fast but few will finish the race strong!

I remember running in a high school track meet. Our relay team was dreadfully in last place when I was passed the baton for our final lap. My track coach knew we were going to finish last as he yelled to me, "Brown finish strong! Give all you have!" So, I did my best "Run Forest Run" imitation and ran 1/4 of a mile as fast as I could.

The result? We came in last. Bummer. However, Coach Danks ran up to me and patted me on the back and said, "Brown, you finished strong and that matters now and it will matter latter!" To be honest, I did not really understand then what he meant by " will matter latter." Oh man, I understand what it means today!

In life, we really are the sum of our choices. We tend to make two kinds of choices, good choices and bad choices. It's our choices which can become our habits and yes, we have good and then bad habits. I know this: the most important part of who I am is my character. Now I know why Coach Danks said finishing strong would matter latter. Finishing strong is great character!

2019 has 6 days left to it and then's a new year, 2020! Finish 2019 strong! Why? Because it will matter as Coach said, now and latter. Give all you have to run this race to the very end.

Here are a few ways you could choose to finish 2019 strong:

  • Give to someone in need.

  • Help someone who could use a helping hand.

  • Love someone who could be touched by a little bit of love.

  • Learn one or two more new things before the end of the year.

I love to teach my students that what you choose to do today will truly matter tomorrow. Wow! This is so similar to what Coach was teaching me at the end of that race. You see, if you finish 2019 strong, this will lead to a great choice and become a great habit and then become a significant part of your character. Oh, and get this, the next race will begin soon, like in 6 days and I say bring it on but first, Brown is going to finish this race strong!

Your turn...

I'd love to hear from you. How will you finish 2019 strong?

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