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Do You Want To Be Successful?

As an instructor, I would ask students year after year, “How many of you want to be successful in your life?” For decades now, 100% of my students have raised their hands saying they want to have a successful life!

As I look at my past right up to this present moment, I have noticed something huge about success. Daily habits will either help us to achieve our goals and eventual success, or they will imprison us to a life of mediocrity.

I've also noticed that success is rarely to never instant. Success is a process, and that process is made up of good habits and a lot of good habits.

Habits are interesting. Habits are choices which we choose. We have good habits and then we have those doggone bad habits. Both can define you and me.

Let's look at 3 GOOD habits that can help you experience success and capture your hopes and dreams!

1. Get Hooked On Your Good Habits

I've noticed something really interesting when it comes to good habits. The more I do good habits the more I want to keep doing them. I have been in the good habit of getting up very early in the morning. I want to get up before the sun rises, have a warm cup of coffee, start my day off with gratitude and enjoy peace, calm and the beautiful sunrise. Recently, my iPhone told me that today I have gotten up 1,093 days in a row at 5:00 AM. This early morning habit has been a very helpful good habit to help get my days off to a great start! I cannot wait to see that number go up to 1,094 tomorrow!

2. Celebrate Your Small Victories

It's really easy to get down on ourselves when we don't do well at something. However, we rarely to never reward ourselves when we do something good. Research has shown that when we celebrate our progress, that this is crucial to our motivation, especially in the area of creating good habits.

I had recently completed a physical fitness goal and I was excited. So, I rewarded myself. I chose to take an extended lunch break from work and go out to one of the best sandwich shops in my town!! Nice reward!

3. Start Really Small

I want to create good and big changes in my life, but I want to do those as quickly as possible. Quick is not really a bad thing, however, I remember setting a fitness goal years ago. My goal: “I'm going to hit the gym five days a week.” That's what I said to myself. Unfortunately, one big problem. I had not been going to the gym and working out for several years. So, how did my goal of five days a week go? I failed in less than two weeks! My solution, reset my goal. Start small. I simply began to do a 7-minute easy workout at home five days a week. Not long after I began this small goal, I was exercising for 30 minutes a day Monday through Friday!

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