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Are You Ready For A GREAT Surprise? Experience The Freedom!

Life can be hectic; sometimes chaos surrounds us in every imaginable direction. But just because the world around us is in disarray, doesn’t mean the world within us has to be too.

I've realized that in my life, there is a way to stay sane in insane times. I’m saying you can get rid of all the insanity inside you created by others, the past, and uncontrollable events. How? By being a simple witness of your thoughts. So how does one do this?

Just by being a simple witness of your thoughts. For me, it’s about sitting silently, and witnessing the thoughts passing through me. For me, I have to choose to be very intentionally still to create a gap between the witnessing of my thoughts and my reaction to them. I've noticed, once the gap is there, though, I am in for a great surprise – I am not the thoughts themselves, nor the chaos influencing them. I am the witness, a watcher, who’s capable of changing my mind and rising above the turmoil.

So today, let this be your reminder to let all the small annoyances go. Move through your day consciously. Make an effort to notice at least one insignificant little frustration that you would normally get frustrated about. Then do yourself a favor and simply let it go.

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