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A Short Story That Will Forever Change My Life!

Let me distract you for a moment…

It’s story time! 😉

On February 11, while driving home one day, I asked myself a random question: "Hey Michael, are you 73% Irish or 63% Irish." I tend to be a bit random...LOL!

There was no reason for the question, like I said, it was just random. So, when I got home I went to the DNA site, 23 & Me and looked and I got my answer, I'm 63% Irish.🍀 But then I noticed I had a whole bunch of notifications from the same person! Hum, what are these? So I checked. They were notifications from nearly a year ago! I had NO idea! All of a sudden I read the first message: "Hello Michael, It looks is like we might be siblings! You and I share the same father..."-Jill

My first thought was, "What?! I have a 1/2 sister and I have a paternal father I had NO idea about?!"

My head and my heart began to swirl as if a gust of wind picked them up and began to take them on a journey. A journey of which I had never been on or could even imagine.

Like I said, this is a short story and to cut to the chase, looks like my blood father met my mother in Las Vegas 60+ years ago. I arrived on planet earth in 1961. The crazy thing to me is my real father who I never met, passed away just over 7 years ago but get this...wait for it... he passed away in the same city I live in today! What?!

So, what is the moral of this short story? I'm not really sure, but I'm going to give it my best right here: Our stories can move us forward and our stories can move us backward. Life does have a lot of ups and downs and I'm not really a fan of the "downs". However, forward, means seeing the positive even if the story is challenging and bewildering. Backwards, means surrendering to self-pity and sadness. For me, I refuse to move backwards. I only know one way to travel and that's FORWARD!

So, the conclusion of this short story is the amazing ZOOM call I had with my new 1/2 sister last night! Wow! Jill and her husband Rich are two wonderful people whom my wife and I had the pleasure of connecting with, laughing and just enjoying the moment of the journey which we call life. Oh, Jill has an amazing story and she too has chosen to move FORWARD!

As I end this short story, take a moment and pause in your, and see something that is wonderful, fun, beautiful and hopeful.

The End.

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