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A Positive Thought From A Student!

“Never, never, never give up.”– Winston Churchill

No doubt times are very challenging right now.

Recently, I realized something about me and well, other humans: We as human beings learn, adapt and grow through life’s ups and downs. Our experiences in life include a ton of wonderful amazing things yet, there are plenty of difficult situations and well, seasons in our lives that are really challenging. This particular time on planet earth is one of those challenging times not only in our lives but all of the planet's people.

The key right now is to not let life’s difficulties get the best of you.

Yesterday was the last day of school for our students. Our students have been doing online remote learning since mid-March. Yesterday, all of our staff drove to the school and we wore our masks and stood in the parking-lot to congratulate our students and wish them a great summer break. It was so AWESOME to see them and cheer for them as their parents slowly drove them past the school staff. I waved and cheered and gave them a virtual high-five. All of a sudden, I was given a gift from a student. It was a plaque. The plaque read, "One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day." Wow! This kind gift from the student and the words on the plaque moved me to a couple of tears. Yeah, I tear up kind of easily...LOL!

Thank you Brandon for the wonderful gift!

Well, COVID-19 you will not win. There are a lot of challenging situations right now but there are a ton of positive things going on.

Lastly, I've heard it said that the sharpest weapon we have against anxiety, negativity and stress is our ability to choose one present POSITIVE thought over another.

Remember, the key right now is to not let life’s difficulties get the best of you. Go POSITIVE!

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