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6 Ways To Uncomplicate Your Life

I bet we can all agree that life is NOT perfect. I've noticed that there’s a lot of mental and physical energy spent on matters that don’t really deserve much of our time and attention.

Let’s start off here with a simple question:

What does your perfect day look and feel like? I know perfection is not a reality but a really good day can totally be a reality!

So, how do we create that really good day? Simply put, it takes intentionality on your part. You've got to choose to do some very simple yet important tasks.

Again, we can all agree that life is NOT perfect, and surely there are very necessary, hard things that must be handled every day. But there’s still a lot of very purposeful things you and I can do to move us forward to have a really good day despite the obstacles that may come our way.

Creating a really GOOD day is actually pretty simple! I've taught these 6 helpful items to students and adults for years.

Here are a few easy ways to gradually uncomplicate your life — and yes, it’s a GRADUAL process:

  1. Time Management-Manage our focus and don't be late.

  2. Task Initiation-Get moving on things and DON'T procrastinate.

  3. Prioritization-Ask yourself, "What's Important Now?"

  4. Focused Attention-Get rid of the distractors.

  5. Memorization-Take the time necessary to memorize important tasks.

  6. Organization-Clean things up so you can find anything in 30 seconds or less.

Truth be told, the average day is actually pretty simple, but when we fail in the above 6, we complicate our day significantly. Let’s break the cycle! 😉

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