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4 Success Principles That Simply Rock

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

"Opportunities don't happen. You create them." -- Chris Grosser

You know what's crazy cool? You! You have what I have, hopes and dreams. Longings to be successful in life. We get one life to go get this amazing thing called life. Life with joy, love, simplicity, friends, the ups and yes the downs. It's life!

Sometimes we find ourselves doing the hamster wheel (that's not a dance...LOL), running in place, struggling to get ahead in some areas of our lives. What happened? Well, we can simply forget to keep moving forward in some of the basic success principles that lead our potential into progress.

Here are 4 Success Principles That Rock:

Tips from Marc & Angel Chernoff:

1. You are the only person responsible for your success.

Last time I checked, I'm the one in charge of me. Guess what? You are in charge of you.

The best part of your life will start on the day you decide your life is your own – no one to lean on, rely on, or blame. You are in full control of your future.

I regularly tell my students to learn to take charge of their life. This does not mean to exclude ALL people from your life. No way! In fact, a lot of people will come into your life and will be huge in your trek toward success.

However, believe with all your heart that you will do what you were made to do. It may be tough at times, but refuse to follow the path of mediocrity. A mentor of mine once said, "Michael, mediocrity is the best of the worst and the worst of the best."

Make your own rules and have your own game plan in regards to you capturing your hopes and dreams. There is no happiness and success to be found by playing it safe and settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.

I have a former student who is working so very hard to graduate from high school with an Associates Degree by the end of their 11th grade year. Why? This student wants to maximize their potential and they have chosen to take charge of their life! I'm so proud of this student. BOOM!!

2. Persistence always wins.

I've heard it said that a river cuts through rocks not because of its power at a given moment, but because of its persistence over time. Hey, I'm no geologist but some geologist say the Grand Canyon is 6 million years old. What made that canyon grand? A river. A river which has shown a lot of persistence.

Hey, the great baseball players don't quit after 1, 2, or 3 strikes. They just get back up to bat and keep on swinging the bat.

3. Positivity fuels productivity.

Joyce Meyers says, the mind is the battlefield. Listen, we can win or lose in the battlefield. Our thoughts are like the steering wheel that moves our life in the right or wrong direction. Success comes from positive energy. You can choose to get caught up in the negativity surrounding you, or you can decide to do something positive about your situation. You and I always have positive or negative choices we can make.

Don't forget, happiness is an element of success, and the happiest people don’t necessarily have the best of everything, they use positive energy to make the best of what they have.

I've said this before, when I first wake-up in the morning, I always say 3 words: Thank you, thank you, thank you.

4. There is no progress without action.

Success in life is all about action. What is not started today is never finished tomorrow. Some of the greatest ideas never made it. Why? Because the genius behind the idea failed to take action. Just remember, no action always results in a 100% failure rate. So get into action now, and begin to move in the right direction. Once you get started every step afterwards gets easier and easier. Until eventually, what had once been invisible, starts to become visible, and what once felt unattainable starts to become a reality.

Your turn...

When it comes to success in life, what is your definition of success? Are you headed in the direction of you definition of success? What things do you need to do to hit your target definition of success?

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