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4 Excuses The Mind Will Tell You

STARTING NOW: NO shortcuts. NO quick fixes. NO blaming others. NO “I’ll do it tomorrows.” NO MORE EXCUSES!

Why? Because none of those things ever really help us!

I've learned that my mind is a wonderful thing. But I've heard that it can be an excuse-making machine that frequently tries to convince me not to take actions I know are good for me. And this prevents many positive changes from taking place in my life.

So why does the mind mess with us and make irrational excuses? Because the mind wants comfort, that’s why. It’s afraid of discomfort, pressure and change. The mind is absorbed in its comfort zone, and anytime we try to stretch that zone too far, for too long, the mind tries desperately to get back to ground zero at any cost—including sacrificing our long-term health, happiness and success.

I want to expose 4 of the cowardly mind’s most damaging excuses once and for all…

1. I can’t do it.

It seems too difficult at first, so you think you can’t stick to the positive change you’re making. You don’t believe in yourself enough to take another step. This is a common excuse that can be countered by looking at the fact that other people no more capable than you have done it. Guess what? You can. You can do it!

2. They can do it, but that doesn’t apply to me because they have it better than me.

Just because someone else can, doesn’t mean you can, right? You look for reasons they can do it but you can’t. OK, fine, it’s easy to find excuses: but look at all the other people who also have considerable obstacles and have done it anyway.

3. I can do it later.

Sure, you can always do it later… but your later self will feel the same exact way. Think about it: Why should your later self be more disciplined than your present self? There’s no reason. In fact, because you’re allowing yourself to slack off now, you’re building a habit of procrastination and actually making it less likely that your later self will be more disciplined.

4. One time won’t hurt.

This lie is so tempting, because it’s somewhat true: one time won’t hurt. Assuming, of course, that it really is only one time. One scoop of ice cream, one missed workout, one time procrastinating instead of working, etc. Unfortunately, it’s never just one time. One time means your brain now knows it can get away with this excuse next time too, and the next “one time” leads to another, until you’ve completely gotten off course. Make a pact with yourself: never believe the “one time” lie.

Think, work, and climb if you have to.

Move your life forward.


STARTING NOW: NO shortcuts. NO quick fixes. NO blaming others. NO “I’ll do it tomorrows.” NO MORE EXCUSES!

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