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3 Habits to Start Doing For More Happiness

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

A human being who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.

How do you form a habit? You decide to. Good news: We have lots of good habits. Bad news: We have lots of bad habits. Our bad habits don't really do us much good in life. However, our good habits are huge in our success and capturing our hopes and dreams.

I regularly ask my students to define their own definition of success for their lives. Why? Because I want them to understand that reaching one's definition of success is an intentional process which happens quite often from good habits.

Think about it. How well do you do or not so well in the following areas of habits?

  • Time Management--Are you in the habit of being on time or late?

  • Prioritization--Are you in the good habit of being good at knowing what's important now or are you in the bad habit of being all over the place mentally and physically, undecided when it comes to the important things in life?

  • Task Initiation--Are you in the good habit getting started on things quickly or in the bad habit of procrastinating?

The above 3 life-skills are super important if you want success to happen in your life!

3 Habits to Start Doing For More Happiness

1. Decide

It's really on you to decide to choose to do what you need to do to move ahead in life. I've said before that being healthy is an important value to me. I decided that I would exercise, eat very healthy and stay emotionally strong. So, after I decided I wanted the above 3 to be good habits in my life, I had to move on to the second step...Do.

2. Do

Deciding is a great place to begin but that won't get us to our destination. After we decide, we need to DO.

When you decide to do something, make it a serious part of your regular, everyday activities. Make it as non-negotiable as breathing. Remember, start small. I exercise every day but it's small amounts of exercise each day and it works really good for me. The point here is good habits take time to form. So, just do a little bit each day until it becomes a good habit.

3. Don't

Don't quit! Remember, if you quit, you are quitting on you and you are extremely worth not quitting on. Don't lose track of something that's very important in your life; it's your life and your success in your life is really on you.

Don't get me wrong, people can help you and be a huge part of your success like teachers, mentors, coaches, etc. but what do you do with the help you get from a teacher, a mentor or a coach? Do you apply their help daily in your life or do you just toss it in the wind?

Whatever you have to do, start developing successful habits if you want to become a successful person. Why? The life-clock is ticking time goes fast, life goes fast.

Your turn...

If you are up to it, I'd love to hear what are the good habits you are working on in your life.

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