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The Dream Catcher

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” ―Mae West

Capture Your Hopes And Dreams

We all have hopes and dreams. Or do we? For some, the business of life distracts from one of life's greatest longings...our hopes and dreams. Have you ever sat in a quiet place and dreamed? Some say "Go and chase your dreams." Me, I don't like "chasing" hopes and dreams. I like CAPTURING my hopes and dreams! Hopes and dreams are wonderful. So how does one move toward the beginning of the path of journeying toward capturing one's hopes and dreams?


1. Intentionally get away.

Find a quiet still place to get introspective and dream. Distractions are the enemy to introspection and dreaming. I love to simply grab a morning cup of coffee and sit in my backyard. Birds are chirping, the air is fresh, flowers displaying their beauty and that's when I begin to move toward the beginning of the path. The path of dreaming about my hopes and dreams.

2. Stop. Look and listen.

In the stillness of the moment, what do you see in your mind's eye? Do more than pause, come to a complete stop. It's now time to look and see what brings your heart the joy it longs for. Don't let yourself get distracted. Stay in the moment of this journey. Now, listen. What do you hear? What is calling you? What you see and what you hear, does it bring you joy? If so, that is one of your hopes and dreams. Now, become a dream catcher and capture your hopes and dreams.

Hope is wonderful. Now move in that direction.

3. Focus and do what is needed to CAPTURE your hopes and dreams.

Some say a dream without a plan is just a wish. I agree. When I choose to decide and then do whatever it takes, to move toward a goal, a hope and a dream, I will captured it! You see, it's when one shows grit and demonstrates perseverance of effort combined with passion that one will move closer and closer to their hopes and dreams. Suddenly, it happens. The capture! The joyful capture of ones hopes and dreams.

Your turn...

Do you have hopes and dreams for your life? I sure hope you do. Tell me a few of yours.

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